Natural Storage Systems

Reshaping the way the world keeps its products

Mapware bolw with valve

R E V O L U T I O N A R Y 

Food Storage 

Keep food

 F R E S H

with all NATURAL and ORGANIC

MAP Technology


 Natural Storage Systems!


2017 Innovation of the Year

Natural Storage Systems 

receives "Inventor Recognition Award"

for "Most Innovative, and Best New Invention" International Home + Housewares Show 



  • Reduce Food Waste

  • Save Money

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

Modified atmosphere packaging cornicopia

We utilize the best known technology for extending shelf life of food products! 


Natural Storage Systems will extend the

 shelf life of nearly any food product. 

Including meat, fish and poultry 

(raw or cooked)!

Strawberries stored on MAP
Food waste reduction
Herbs stored on MAP

Independent Laboratory tests have proven:
Using the 
Natural Storage Systems 
does reduce damaging oxygen 
inside its containers!

Products Stay 
Fresher, Longer, 
N a t u r a l l y!

Industry experts have said: 

"This innovative product should be the way all consumers store their food." 



 Natural Storage Systems

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