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plastic containers and bowls

Plastic or Glass Containers

With so many to choose from, which ones work best? They all work and for a particular purpose… but, no matter how air tight, no matter how much you “burp”, or lift the product off of the bottom, no matter how “free” it is of this or that, when it is all said and done and your food is inside the container with the lid closed, the “bad air”, damaging oxygen, which allows oxidation and bug infestation to occur - is all sealed up inside! This allows for a perfect compartment where bacterium, mold and micro-organisms can grow. All closed, or locked up inside, with your food!  This is not the case with Natural Storage Containers and MAP technology!

Vacuum sealer for consumer
Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers are easy to use and accomplish similar results as the Natural Storage System by reducing oxygen. However, initial equipment is expensive and requires expensive single-use bags. If any moisture from the product becomes vacuumed into the machine, it can destroy the pump. Many products are simply not vacuum seal-able. The vacuum process itself keeps some of the products from breathing – when and where you want it to breathe. For example; loose packed or sliced cheese. The cheese slices stick together, it cannot breathe, it can clump and deform. (A food processor’s article on MAP stated: “... products, such as cheese are not suitable for vacuum packaging because the pressure on the product would cause the product to lose important characteristics such as shape and flavor.”)  Try to vacuum seal bread or chips – it doesn't work on these or many other products! Vacuum sealing many foods and other products is very limited.

Green bags and bowls

Green Bags and Blue Apples

Green Bags and Blue Apples control ethylene gas or ripening of certain fruits and vegetables. These, like vacuum sealing, also work… on SOME products! Bread, meat, cheese – don’t give off ethylene. Neither do cooked foods or most leftovers. 

Ethylene is a natural occurring gas - given off, in varying degrees, by some fruits and vegetables. It is harmless. It is part of the ripening process. When fully “ripe” the ethylene process stops and food starts aging. Bananas will go from green, to yellow, to brown as it ripens. The green bags slow down the ethylene ripening process. These types of bags and products are very limited in scope.


Ethylene converts oxygen into carbon dioxide. Where oxygen has been reduced - ethylene production is greatly inhibited.

prepackaged shredded cheese

Zipper bags – from the store

Many bags of shredded cheese, meat and salad products, dog treats, pasta, chips, coffee, rice, nuts, and others, come in a convenient “zipper-lock-closer” to re-seal and keep products fresh. Most all of them are placed in a modified atmosphere package when packaged. That's the way they are advertised and it really does work. Except - once you open that bag - the entire package of “protective atmosphere” escapes, then it is zipped shut locking all of the “bad air” back inside! Not fresh for long after openning.

Wine preserver in use

Also available

Aerosol canisters. Some are sold as a preserve to keep the wine from oxidizing, and some are used to protect cans of paint or solvents from drying out or cracking. Their problem lies in the delivery mechanism. In wine, after the gas is applied and the cork is reinserted, the pressure inside the bottle has no means of escape or venting. This can cause the gas and oxygen to remix - reducing its effectiveness. The straw is inserted into the spray nozzle, then into the bottle – where they typically fall out and into the bottle. The canisters that block oxygen from spoiling your paint, have no mechanism for delivery other than “hold open the can lid and spray a "blanket”. Then simply hope that the straw doesn't fall out into the paint or that the gas doesn't escape before the can lid is closed. 

Competitive canister for paint products

Used on paints, glues, rosins, solvents, drywall compound and much more!


When you really compare other storage containers to Natural Storage Systems.... there is no comparison.

Natural Storage Systems utilizes the time tested and proven technique of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), safely and effectively! The same atmosphere as used with wine and paint preserves but with a delivery system to make it actually work. With "MAP" - Ethylene production is greatly inhibited because of low oxygen levels. Nitrogen, primarily used in "MAP", reduces the natural production of ethylene. "MAP" reduces mold and bacteria formation. Rodents and bugs, including fruit flies, can not live in limited oxygen or oxygen free environment. 

Our straw is Stainless Steel to help reduce cross contamination and... it does not fall out!

"Give it a Shot!" 

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