Natural Storage Systems

Reshaping the way the world keeps its products

Food Storage
(Utilizing Natural and Organic MAP Technology)

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Simply the BEST food storage system available

"Reshaping The Way The World Keeps Its Products!

Mapware bowl process

Independent Laboratory Studies have proven that MAPWARE will reduce damaging 

oxygen inside its 

containers, thereby 

extending the shelf life of food products.

MAP reduces damaging oxygen


(Modified Atmosphere Packaging) 


  • Oxidation 
  • Freezer Burn 
  • Mold and Bacteria Formation 
  • Bug Infestation 
  • Inhibits Ethylene Production

Used by food processors and packagers since the 1930s' to extend shelf life of food and other products.  

It is the exchange of air, damaging oxygen inside a package, typically with inert gases such as nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide. 


NOTE: Approximately 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1 % CO2. 

Nitrogen is completely natural and organic. 

MAP is simply - Highly Filtered Air replacing or reducing damaging oxygen!

(See: "Why Natural Storage" )


Mapware by Natural Storage Systems


Storage containers with special lids allowing "MAP" to be applied inside the container. 

Available in Glass or Plastic

Plastic containers are BPA free

GREAT for fruits, vegetables and leftovers!

Cookies stored in MAP

Zip-N-Zap BagsTM

Great for products currently stored in a zip-lock type bag. Keep them fresher longer with a REUSABLE, high barrier film, zipper type baggie with fitment for applying MAP

Convenient quart or gallon sizes. 

Also available in cost saving five packs!

Snap N Zap Cap on bread bag
Snap & Zap Cap™ 

Apply to existing bread bags: 

Great for most bread product bags, tortilla bags, hamburger and hot-dog bun bags! 

Jarware from Natural Storage Systems

MAP-Tech Lids

Fits most canning and storage jars allowing for perfect MAP applications.

Great for storage or after opening canned or pickled products

Duckit wine bottle stopper

The Duckit

The only bottle stopper on the market that truly works to preserve freshness and reduce oxidation. 

The Duckit has a two-way valve allowing the application of nitrogen while purging damaging oxygen. 

Vacuum pumps cannot completely remove oxygen. The glass bottle would have to collapse like vacuum seal bags.

Duckit bottle stpper in use
Natural Preserve canisters

Natural Preserve

100% natural, highly filtered, food grade, inert nitrogen taken directly from the air we breathe. 

MAP - Use to exchange or reduce the amount of the oxygen coming into contact with the product. 

Only Natural Preserve has an attached fold down, Stainless Steel Straw to help reduce cross-contamination between products and uses. 

Straw folds flat when not in use. 

Straw won't get lost or fall into product.

Keep all your foods fresher, safer, longer - naturally

Each canister contains approximately 100 applications

Two blends to choose from: 

100% Nitrogen

70% Nitrogen/30% CO2


 “Re-modify” the atmosphere inside the container after every opening or use. 

For best results choose the correct blend of Natural Preserve (see list of recommended blends)

Affordable, effective, and easy-to-use around the home, at school, in the shop or office. Almost anywhere.

Take hunting, fishing and camping! 

Containers are made from Borosilicate glass, BPA and Phthalate Free plastics.

 Recycleable, Reusable or Renewable.



"Give it a Shot!"