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Steve Savage | PhD UC Davis

Gary, I actually like your innovation and think it could be quite useful for consumer food storage and waste prevention. Modified atmosphere is a good system that you are extending to the consumer level. Steve Savage has been working in the field of agricultural technology for over 35 years. Steve has a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and a PhD in Plant Pathology from UC Davis. He has worked in academia at Colorado State University, been a part of large-scale chemical company, DuPont, and worked at start-up, bio-control company, Mycogen.

Pamela F Alto Dairy, Alto, Wisconsin, USA

Alto Dairy produces over 550,000 pounds of cheese per day in two state-of-the-art facilities. With a modified atmosphere, the taste, texture, and odor of the product doesn't deteriorate, which is not true of other methods of extending shelf-life.

Susan K CEO Lucky Star LLC, Windsor, CA, USA

LOVE this MAP technology and love anything that raises awareness of how wasteful we are and offers a real solution to a real problem. Great job, Gary!

Sandy B Columbus, NE

Bought bread at Trader Joe's (no preservatives, it doesn't last more than 2 days), put it in a Zip & Zap Bag with Natural Preserve 70, it lasted over two months in my pantry! Great product!!!

Susie McAuley ABC TV Host - Dallas, TX

The Real Susie Homemaker has found this to be the best product to save you time and money!  Natural Storage Systems is simply the BEST Storage and Container System available on the market today!