Natural Storage Systems

Reshaping the way the world keeps its products


 Steve Savage |  PhD UC Davis

Gary, I actually like your innovation and think it could be quite useful for consumer food storage and waste prevention.  Modified atmosphere is a good system that you are extending to the consumer level

Steve Savage has been working in the field of agricultural technology for over 35 years. Steve has a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and a PhD in Plant Pathology from UC Davis. He has worked in academia at Colorado State University, been a part of large-scale chemical company, DuPont, and worked at start-up, bio-control company, Mycogen.

TV Host - Susie McAuley the real Susie Homemaker has found this to be the best product to save you time and money!         

Natural Storage Systems™ employs the best science and technology known to date to extend shelf life of food and everyday household products, naturally utilizing MAP technology! Natural Storage Systems™ is simply the BEST Storage and Container System available on the market today!

Sandy B

Columbus, NE

Bought bread at Trader Joe's (no preservatives, so it doesn't last more than 2 days), put it in a Zip & Zap Bag with Natural Preserve 70 and it lasted over two months in my pantry! Great product!!!

Susan K

CEO Lucky Star LLC, Windsor, CA, USA

LOVE this MAP technology and love anything that raises awareness of how wasteful we are and offers a real solution to a real problem. Great job, Gary!

Pamela F

Alto Dairy, Alto, Wisconsin, USA

Alto Dairy produces over 550,000 pounds of cheese per day in two state-of-the-art facilities. With a modified atmosphere, the taste, texture, and odor of the product doesn’t deteriorate, which is not true of other methods of extending shelf-life.

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