Natural Storage Systems

Reshaping the way the world keeps its products

Why Natural Storage

fresh produce packaged in MAP

People worldwide use 

products packaged with MAP 

on a daily basis. 

Most without realizing it

From frozen entree's, shelf stable meals, bread, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, chips, fruits & vegetables, coffee, tea, bagged salad and many other products.

Start using

this time tested and proven technique

in packaging called:

 Modified Atmosphere Packaging or "MAP"

Safe, cost effective, natural and organic 

convenient and easy-to-use... right at home!

Manufactured and sold only by: Natural Storage Systems!

What is MAP

Oxygen in the air can cause a process of decay called oxidation.

Oxygen can cause freezer burn, mold, bacteria and other micro-organisms to form and allows bug infestation

MAP is the exchange of "bad air" (oxygen) inside a package, replacing it with highly filtered "good air" - typically nitrogen.

Just they use in the wine industry! 


What is Ethylene

Ethylene is a natural gas given off by some fruits and vegetables. It is harmless, and part of the ripening process. When fully ripe the ethylene process stops and food starts aging. Bananas will go from green, to yellow, to brown as it ripens. 

Ethylene converts oxygen into carbon dioxide

Because of low oxygen levels with MAP ethylene production is greatly inhibited.

Keeping fruits and vegetables fresher - longer.  


Independent laboratories 

have proven: 

Natural Storage Systems 

will reduce oxygen levels inside its containers.

Thereby extending the shelf life of food and household products.

Wall of produce stored in MAP
Frozen veggies stored in MAP
Shredded cheese in MAP
Ground beef stored in MAP
Dried pasta stored in MAP
Snacks stored in MAP
Frozen fish stored in MAP
cut fruit stored in MAP
Coffee beans stored in MAP
Salmon stored in MAP