Natural Storage Systems

Reshaping The Way The World Keeps Its Products

Glass bowls with Mapware
R E V O L U T I O N A R Y 

Food Storage System

Extend Shelf Life of Food 


with the time tested and proven technique of

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

  • Mapware Bowls
  • Zip-N-Zap Bags
  • Natural Preserve
  • Map-Tech Lids
  • Snap-N-Zap Caps
  • Duckit Bottle Stoppers
  • Duckit Pour-N-Store


  •  Reduce Food Waste 
  • Save Money
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  •  Natural & Organic

  •  Recyclable 
  • Reusable   
  •  Renewable

glass bowl by Mapware 840 ml
Natural Preserve canister
Independent laboratories of Mocon, the world's foremost leader in Modified Atmosphere Packaging, has proven:

Natural Storage Systems 
reduces damaging oxygen inside its containers!"  
Products Stay Fresher, Longer, Reducing Food Waste

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