Are You Protecting Your Food from Contamination???


Health and wellness aside, we’ve seen the coronavirus have a huge impact on numerous aspects of the global economy, and most recently the food industry.  Natural Storage Systems, has a direct answer to extending shelf life of the products and its safety.

Natural Storage Systems does not destroy any virus, including the coronavirus, it will create an environment to keep the product its safest and as free as possible from exposure to possible contamination. It controls moisture, mold and oxidation while preventing bacteria from forming and any pest or mite infestation.

First, what about YOUR products.

Many product supply and supply chains have come to an abrupt halt because steps were not taken to protect the people handling the products or the product itself.

How the product is handled, processed and packaged can make a big difference. This is not to say producers and packagers are inferior or mishandling products by any means.  The consumer just needs to be aware of the possibility of exposure. REMEMBER THE RECALL ON ROMAINE LETTUCE DUE TO E-COLI? More than once!


What happens after you get products home safely from a good producer, packager, or a reputable grocer? Who knows if they, or a friend, may have been exposed or in contact with someone who has handled your food? Or, what about after the package has been opened - do you run the risk of possibly contaminating your own products? 

What do you do?

First, you should know who, what and where your product was grown, processed/manufactured and packaged. What type of packaging was the product placed in? Or, if you grow or process your own – how do you keep it safe and protected? How can you extend the shelf life and reduce the risk of contamination?

There Is a Solution???  

Food processors and packagers have used a natural and organic packaging technique called M.A.P. (modified atmosphere packaging) since the 1930’s for extending the shelf life of almost all food products. How? By exchanging the air that surrounds the food (the atmosphere). This is generally done using nitrogen to replace the oxygen. Nitrogen is natural, organic and completely inert. 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen. It's the 21% oxygen that causes oxidation, mold and bacteria to form.  


Most food producers and packagers utilize M.A.P. technology for packaging products at the production facility. However, there is only one manufacturer in the world with a storage system that allows the consumer to utilize the benefits of M.A.P. technology safely and effectively right at home or anywhere else. Natural Storage Systems has developed this patent pending storage system to replace M.A.P. inside your storage container - use after use, opening after opening. Keeping the food  safe, extending shelf life and SAVING YOU MONEY


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