Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

How Does Natural Storage Systems Work

We utilize a food packaging technique called Modified Atmosphere Packaging or "M.A.P." This time tested and proven storage technology has been used by food processors and packagers since the 1930s'. Oxygen contains moisture and can cause oxidation, mold, bacteria and even bug infestation. Natural Preserve replaces some or all of the oxygen inside our specially designed containers thereby reducing the opportunity for mold and bacteria to grow, and, reducing the production of ethylene in fruit and vegetables - extending the shelf life of the stored product.

Does M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Really Work

Ever open a bag of chips, nuts, cheese, salads, coffee or fresh pasta? Or even trays of meat, fish and poultry? They have been packaged in M.A.P. to eliminate mold, bacteria and micro-organisms from forming caused by damaging oxygen. Oxygen and moisture is the enemy! M.A.P. is the solution.

What is M.A.P.

M.A.P., or Modifed Atmosphere Packaging, is a time tested and proven technology that has been used by food processors and packagers world-wide sine the 1930s'. M.A.P. is a technique used to replace damaging oxygen inside of a container, generally with 100% food grade, natural, organic, inert - nitrogen. 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen. Sometimes other atmospheric gases are also used - such as CO2 and Argon. All used to extend the shelf life of food products, safely, effectively and... naturally.

Am I Spraying Something On My Food

No. There is nothing sprayed on the food. The air is simply exchanged around the food. Damaging oxygen is removed (or at least diluted) and replaced with natural, organic nitrogen - extending the shelf life of the product

Does This Work For Fruits and Vegetables

Yes. Most fruits and vegetables give off a natural gas (called ethylene) as they ripen. A banana will go from green to yellow to brown as it ripens releasing this gas. Ethylene converts oxygen into CO2 during this process. Natural Preserve removes most or all of the oxygen - thereby limiting the ethylene conversion and extending the shelf life of the product.

Does This Work for Meat, Poultry or Fish

Yes. Meat, fish and poultry deteriorate quickly when exposed to oxygen. Reducing the O2 levels inside the container and replacing it with nitrogen and/or our blend of nitrogen and CO2, retards bacteria and preserves the red color of meat. This is not, however, a replacement for poor handling of the product and all meats, fish, poultry should be refrigerated.

Is This Process Safe for Food

The FDA and USDA have long approved this technique for extending the shelf life and promoting food safety when stored. This is a time tested and proven technology that has been used around the world by food processors and packagers since the 1930's

How Do I Know Natural Storage Systems Works

Independant laboratory testing has proven that Natural Storage System containers, when used in conjunction with canisters of Natural Preserve, will reduce damaging oxygen from the container - thereby extending the shelf life of the stored product.

How Long Will My Food Last

There are several variables in food storage including time the product will last. The age and condition of the product is a variable. Some foods travel great distances before arriving at the grocery and may have varying expiration dates. Farmers markets or fresh picked fruit and vegetable should last longer than store bought - there again, depending on the freshness and condition of the product when harvested. Natural Storage Systems will extend the shelf life longer than regular storage methods. Always keep products at or in the recommened manner by the producer or packager.

Do People Who Use This Complain

There can be many reasons for complaints. Mainly, not following instructions or recommended guidelines for proper food handling and storage. Some have unresonable expectations. M.A.P. does not keep food products fresh and safe indefinately. It does not reverse the ripening process (only slows it) and it is not an excuse for poor or improper food handling. Bad food in - is still bad food out. Always follow storage guidelines and safe food handling and preperation techniques. If storing packaged foods - store according to package recommendations.

Are the Products Environmentally Safe

Yes. All of our products are either BPA free, re-useable, recyclable and environmentally safe. There are no CFC's or propellents used in our canisters. They are simply pressurized, food grade nitrogen and/or CO2, filtered and taken directly from the air we breathe.

Why Does Moisture Sometimes Build Up In The Bags

There are several reasons moisture can form. Wet product that has not been dried before storage, or produce that has been watered by the grocery to keep product fresher looking. Fresh picked produce tends to be warmer than stored produce. Warm produce placed in a cool bag (and vise-versa) can cause condensation. Freon in refrigerators can cause moisture and condensation to form. Many food products naturally contain moisture and it will release as the product ages or ripens. Sometimes products will release this moisture after being stored, even though it was dried prior to storage. Meat, fish, poultry and produce may give off some internal moisture which can cause ice crystals to form inside packages when placed in refrigetator or freezer.

What Should I Do If I See Moisture

Simply wipe out the container with a paper towel and regularly check for moisture build up and wipe out whenever it develops. This will assist in proper storage and extend the shelf life. It may help to place a paper towel inside with the stored product to help absorb excess moisture build up. Then, simply reapply Natural Preserve after every opening.

Should I Cut My Food Before Storing

Products will still benefit from the Natural Storage System if cut up ahead of time. However, we recommend keeping products as whole as possible to help eliminate surface exposure to oxygen

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