Protect Your Food Supply During the Covid-19 Crisis


     Extend Shelf Life of Everyday Food Items

with Natural Preserve

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 Oxygen and moisture is the enemy when storing food products 

Oxygen causes oxidation, mold, bacteria and even bug infestation

Mapware Bowls
Map-Tech LidsTM, MapwareTM Bowls, Duckit Wine Bottle StopperTM and Zip-N-Zap BagsTM are used in conjunction with canisters of Natural Preserve. 100% natural and organic, food grade nitrogen taken directly from the air we breathe

The Duckit Wine Bottle Stopper 

Keep left over wine

just like when it was first bottled

  • Similar to vacuum sealing, oxygen is removed from the container and replaced with natural, organic, inert nitrogen

  • Same process as used in bags of potato chips, bagged lettuce, bags of cheese, fish, meat and poultry 

  • Most food products come packaged utilizing this technique. Its called  modified atmosphere packaging or "M.A.P."

  • Nothing is sprayed on the food - the air is simply exchanged around the food

Map-Tech Lids

Zip-N-Zap Bags

Natural Preserve

 Save Money

Reduce Food Waste  (watch 60 second video)

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