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What is M.A.P. (modified atmosphere packaging)

Family grocery shopping MAP foods

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

MAP is a proven technology that was developed to ensure that packaged food products stay fresh and attractive for as long as possible. Used by food packaging industry since the 1930s'

Everyone knows that food does not stay fresh forever. Bread and chips stale, cheese dries and gets moldy, meat develops a brown color and an "off" smell, fruit and vegetables get slimy and spoil, even wine will oxidize.                                                                                                           

Oxygen in the air can cause a process of decay called oxidation.  MAP is an exchange of air inside a package to extend the shelf life of food and other products.

Glass Bowls with Mapware

Mapware bowls, Zip-N-Zap bags, MAP-Tech Lids and Snap-N-Zap Caps allow the application of MAP inside the container, extending the shelf life of stored products


Natural and organic                        

Note: Nothing is sprayed on the food. The air is simply exchanged around the food

Everyday products packaged in MAP

Cheese packages on MAP
Bagged and Packaged Cheese
Salads and cheese in a bag
Bagged Salads and Fruit
ground hamburger in MAP
Meat, Fish, Poultry
Coffee bag with Map-Tech

Coffee, Tea
Chips and snacks packaged in MAP
Chips, Nuts, Popcorn, most snack foods
Pasta packaged in MAP
Fresh produce packaged with MAP
Fresh produce
Bread products packaged in MAP
Bread and bread products: Bagels, Tortillas, etc.
Wine bottles bottled with MAP
Wine and other beverages
Pizza packaged in MAP
Cut fruit packaged in MAP
Cut Fruit and Produce
Deli meats packaged in MAP
Deli Meats
Family Grocery store shopping
Carrots in a Zip N Zap bag
Zip-N-Zap bags
Strawberries in a Mapware bowl
Strawberries kept in Mapware bowl vs store container for 30 days

Miron Jar Chive test

Miron Jars with Map-Tech Lids  

2 months with herbs vs Mason type jars

Herbs in a Zip N Zap Bag
Herbs kept over 5 months in a Zip-N-Zap bag vs. Ziplock
Mapware 8 piece set
Mapware bowls in four convenient sizes

Miron Jar tomato test

Miron Jars with Map-Tech Lids 

7 months with cherry tomato vs. clear glass 

Banana in a Zip N Zap bag
Organic Banana kept 21 days in a Zip-N-Zap bag vs. air
Mason Jars with Map-Tech Lids
Map-Tech jar lids.      
Fits all Mason, Kerr and Ball type jars  
(Mason jars sold separately) 

Miron Jars with Map-Tech Lids

Miron Jars UV Protected Glass with Map-Tech Lids